Activate Windows 10 without software


Our mobile devices and computers are an integral part of our daily life, but sometimes we find that programs and icons start to stop, and the device begins to gradually slow down, then we realize that the device needs a new operating system to restore it better than it was before, so we go to Windows activation 10 without software, such as the latest computer operating system, as it has a higher security feature, and has features that make it superior to Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 10 activation steps

1- We must first make sure that the computer needs a fresh copy, and that the copy in it has become inactive, and this can be easily known, by entering the option (Properties) by pressing the right mouse button, a menu will appear. During which it is not activated.
2- We then enter the device protection menu on the desktop, so that the device does not deal with Windows 10 as a virus.
3- We click on the option to protect from virus and threat activities to choose to stop the operation.
4- We go to Google search on kmsauto, and you click on the first link, The Kms Auto Net Activator 2020.
5- In this step, the download is made for the Windows operating system, and we click on Save.
6- We make sure that the downloads are actually downloading, and from the folders we find a new file for the operating system, these steps only take a few minutes.
7- The file is pressed with the right button and from there we choose to extract all, then we follow the steps and copy the Windows password from the folder, completing that and trying to run the program will ask for a password. We will put the word that we copied which is Windows, we will wait a few seconds to open it.
8- A main menu appears, from which we choose Activation, to activate Windows.
9- Enter again the properties by pressing the right mouse button to ensure that the system is activated.

Windows 10 activation key

The activation key for Windows 10 is very important for the operating system as it works on 32 bits and 64 bits as well. This key must be entered to be able to use the Windows 10 system, the possibility of using it multiple times, and it is used in any language.
The activation key is purchased for a small amount, its importance appears at the time of installation, and what happens after paying the dues for the key, the activation takes place immediately, and in the event that you are rejected, and not benefit from it, the amount is refunded immediately, and communication is done through sms messages, it is an original key, characterized by multiple Its features are not available in any other tool, it is a system that can be purchased and used for life.

Windows 10 activation problem solution

Some problems appear after attempts to download Windows 10, such as difficulty opening and using it, or activating it, then the device asks for the use of a tool, and Windows 10 activation keys without programs.
Microsoft, which is rich in definition, is the first in the world in operating systems, and after the system is activated on your device, it considers it only a monthly trial version.
Then some signals are sent to you that you must use your 25-character power key, and complete the activation process, so that Windows 10 operating system is the best choice for your computer.

Windows 10 Activation Tool Features

1- The operating system is activated without any financial compensation, as well as its ease of use by everyone.
2- The direct update takes place after the activation step, as it is a safe and secure system from any hacker and virus.
3- Easy to remove, it can be run without the need for internet networks as is the case, in some other operating systems.

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