Alexa site and its role in search engines


Information about alexa used to rank websites (spider statistics conducted in 2020) confirms that the internet hosts at least 1.74 billion websites; Compared to 2013, it did not exceed 35%. According to the above-mentioned regulations, the regulations and controlling the internet traffic are important; Therefore, a dedicated Alexa.com website is needed in this regard

Alexa site ranking information

Alexa is responsible for attracting statistical data to websites at global, regional and international levels and organizing websites on the internet, which is why Alexa launched the first toolbar in 1997 and started its business.

Alexa Site Ranking Toolbar

A program launched by Amazon Alexa, which contains the following functions and offers them to users:
Find out about global websites ranking based on Alexa rank.
The ability to delete and disable pop-up ads.
Create and review a bunch of websites similar to the ones you visit including search engine or search.
Check out old Alexa rankings.
Allow sites and pages visited by users to be shared with friends.
Custom toolbar creation function, toolbar will use site name with original function as original site name.

How does Alexa work?

The ranking mechanism of global websites depends on the number of traffic you attract each day and the way it is reached through search engines. Google, YouTube and Facebook are all always at the top of the pyramid. If you are ready to see your website ranking, you can follow these steps:

  1. Type your Alexa.com email address into the URL field of your browser, then enter an entry to access it.
  2. Look for the “Top Sites” icon and click on it to see a list of the top spots around the world.
  3. Find out about your website’s ranking by selecting the fields.
  4. Copy and paste in the custom field to display the website link.
  5. Click the green button to search the global and regional site rankings.

Alexa importance in ranking websites

  • Learn about progress and delays compared to other sites through site traffic.
  • After gathering the data, distribute the web traffic to your site for analysis and monitoring.
  • Get popularity and profitability based on your website’s ranking out of billions of websites.
  • Find out the number of unique visitors and number of page views for up to 3 months.
  • The term “views” refers to the number of times that you have visited and viewed a website URL.
  • Visitors who frequently visit the same site only visit once a day.
  • Send the IP address of the device where the user browses the website to the server.
  • According to Alexa, the most popular sites are those rated between 50,000 and 100,000.
  • An effective tool for comparing websites and competitors to identify errors and fix them.
  • Provide advertisers with comments about the sites with the best inter-site marketing potential. The more profitable the site ranking, the more attractive the ads are.

Top 10 Alexa Sites in 2020

  1. Google search engine.
  2. YouTube video.
  3. Financed. Com
  4. Badoo search engine
  5. Qq.com.
  6. Facebook for social networks.
  7. Soho
  8. Taobao site
  9. 360.cn e-commerce site
  10. Jingdong

Every website owner’s dream is to have a website to get a perfect ranking through the Alexa platform, so you must work hard to improve your Alexa website’s ranking in many different ways. Including website registration and confirmation through the platform, BacKLinks’ use of external links to your website, analyzing competitors’ keywords, and spared no effort to build integrated and reliable content to enrich visitors’ information and satisfy them upon their entry. To visit the page through your website and be convinced that the more traffic, the better the website design.

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