Our life with the internet


The Internet or “World Wide Web” is a communications network that uses telephone lines, cables, and satellites to connect computers and some other devices to the global network. It is one of the greatest inventions in the world, as it allows everyone endless knowledge and entertainment opportunities. Among these benefits, we discussed the following benefits of the Internet:

1- Source of information and knowledge:

The Internet contains countless information that enables individuals to search for any topic or answer any question using search engines (such as “Google”).

On sites like YouTube, there are millions of videos where you can receive information on a wide variety of topics or take training courses that can help you learn different topics.

2- Communication and participation:
  • Anyone in the world can be contacted via the online e-mail service within one minute.
  • Other forms of communication, such as “chat,” allow instant communication with anyone in the world.
  • You can communicate with friends through the “forum”, through the forum you can share your interests and hobbies and ask questions about them.

3- Determine the location:

  • With the help of “GPS” technology, you can determine where you want to go online, and the speed is very fast.
  • The advantage of this technology is that it is easy to find a company that can provide the services that individuals need.
  • The search engine is smart enough to easily perform searches related to your area, for example, if you need a plumber and are looking for a plumber, you can find a local plumber in your area.
4- Banks and bills of exchange:

The internet allows you to access bank accounts to check balances, perform transactions, and send money to others. Online services allow you to view and pay bills online.

5- Shopping:

Internet shopping is one of the most important benefits of the Internet, it enables anyone to find the product they want to buy without going to a retail store.

6- Selling and making money:
  • Internet ; An ideal place to sell most of the company’s products, anyone in the world can easily access the company’s website.
  • You can sell online through retail stores, which means you can sell items every day, anytime.
  • It gives all companies the right to promote their products or services to the world and define the audience they want to reach
7- Work from home:
  • This is an ideal place to work and easily communicate with people from all over the world.
  • It enables many people to use computers to work at home, thus saving money, time and energy.
  • It makes it easy for companies to reach and hire people who are searching for work globally.
8- Donations and fundraising:

By expanding the audience, a person can easily donate to their favorite charities or fund projects and ideas.

9– A means of entertainment:

The internet allows everyone to enjoy endless entertainment, as well as watch videos, watch movies, listen to music and even play games.

10- data storage:
  • With the “cloud storage” function, you can synchronize data between devices connected to the Internet so that files can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The data can be kept by the information backup service, so in case of any problems, the data will not be lost.
11- Learning method:
  • It is considered the core element of modern learning in the classroom, and students can easily access all course information through the website, and they can follow material updates, especially since purchasing online services is cheaper than buying books and reference books.
  • By communicating with professional teachers, through emails and video conferences, it can provide students with distance education jobs, thus providing schools with services to make up for the shortage of courses.
  • It helps to enhance communication between students and teachers about learning issues, such as understanding the schedule or submitting papers through the teacher’s website.

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