Python Programming … Your Complete Guide


Python is a high-level programming language, and it is easy to read. … We are committed to this article for learning Python programming language.

What is Python?

  • This is a high-level programming language that is easy to read and write.
  • It is an open source programming language that is object-oriented and extensible expressions.
  • Python is also an interpreted language with multiple uses, and it has many uses in various fields, such as using a graphical interface to create standalone programs and to create web programs.
  • Baiso is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn.

His invention and development

  • It was invented and developed by Guido Van at the Center for Science and Computer in Amsterdam in the late 1980s.
  • It was first announced in 1991
  • Its core was written in C programming language and named Python with the support of a British theater company called Monty Python.
  • Python has the characteristics of multiple programming libraries (such as Bay Game Library), which can aid in programming games
  • Python can also be used with many databases, such as MySQL.

Below is most important features that the Python programming language have:

1- Easy to learn because it has a simple structure.

2- Python is an open source language that can freely distribute and change copies of it.

3- Python is a high-level language, so you don’t have to see the details.

4- Portable language that can be used on multiple platforms like Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

5- Object oriented, but also supports programming processes.

6- It has many uses and can be used in many fields, including:

  • Multiple frameworks (including Flask and Django) are used for web development.
  • Graphical interface development with multiple libraries (such as Cute Library or GTK +)
  • Information security can help simulate hacker operations, and provide tools for installing security patches
  • Big data can easily process and analyze data, and it features a large number of specialized libraries such as Bandus

The meaning of the Python sentence

  • The invention of Python is a highly readable language that uses common English words and concepts, while other programming languages ​​use punctuation.
  • Python uses spaces and offsets instead of parentheses to define the string size.

Python uses

1- Python is used in many fields as it has been used in all fields used in computer science.
2- It is also used as an auxiliary language in software projects.
3- The programming language uses Google and NASA Python.
4- It was used for programming in one of Zoob projects, which is a huge project.
5- It is used in multiple applications and international projects, such as Blender projects (this is a 3D design project, such as SoftImage XSI) and Maya applications.
6- I used it on my Mozilla Firefox project.
7- Most Linux distributions and operating systems use it like Mac OS X.
8- It is used as a programming language.
9- I use Maya to create 3D designs.
10- Use it in Blender to create 3D designs.
11- It is used in Soft Image XSI for 3D design.
12- Civilization 4 game.
13- It is used in the scripts of many popular video games, such as the Internet, Second Life and IVA.
14- Geospatial design software such as ArcGIS.
15- An open source office software package.
16- It is used to create 3D designs for scientific research purposes (such as Baymall).
17- Open source graphics software such as GIMP.

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