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Zoom announced the launch of the “Zoom Rooms” kit, which has been designed to help the company reopen its doors with a “work anywhere” concept and compliance with health and safety standards.

Oded Gal, Head of Products at Zoom, said: “The workforce is the focus of attention and concern of all organizations, so maintaining their safety and the integrity of communication channels and productivity is their top priority. As companies, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and government agencies are ready to open their doors again all over The world is according to the highest health and safety standards, and we focus on creating everything that meets and supports their requirements through our platform.

Zoom said a survey of 12,000 experts conducted by the Boston Consulting Group showed that 60% of employees expressed a desire to maintain adequate flexibility in their location and time. Therefore, the company decided to “add” new features to help solve problems such as default login at reception, linking communication channels with security protocols, or meeting security standards in conference rooms, and paying attention to these features. Place before the participant gets to the meeting room.

What did Zoom add?

Link the “Zoom Room” toolkit to the mobile device:

The package can be linked to mobile devices running Android or iOS operating systems so that they can easily join the meetings that are conducted directly through the “Zoom room” channel. After downloading the Zoom Rooms Controller app on the phone, users will have access to other controls in the room, including the ability to start or join meetings, the ability to fully control volume, video display, and number of participants. -Allowing users to control the conference room experience with their phones without having to touch the shared console available in the meeting room.

View subscriber data in real time:

With the help of supported cameras, you can see the number of people in the meeting room in real time with the Zoom Dashboard and schedule screen to ensure that social distancing requirements are met and avoid crowded rooms in meetings.

Monitor room environment and ventilation quality:

Neat Bar is part of the Zoom Rooms Kit and provides a set of advanced features under the name Neat Sense, allowing you to monitor the meeting room to check the level of many items, including air quality, humidity, carbon dioxide level and VOC compounds, the purpose is to maintain Health, safety and security of the participants. You can also view this important and environmental data through the Zoom system dashboard and the Zoom Rooms console, and view a participant’s plan for receiving real-time conference room health and safety feedback and comments.

Virtual Podium / Receptionist Position:

The virtual stand / receptionist location provides a touchless entry experience for guests at the headquarters or the building by setting the ‘Start Meeting’ button in touch mode on the Zoom Rooms in the workplace lobby, allowing visitors to contact and greet receptionists according to health and safety standards. .

Control shared desktop with Zoom Rooms’ touch mode:

Zoom Rooms touch mode users can directly control the desktop of the person sharing the laptop screen, thus enhancing levels of collaboration and sharing.

Whiteboard customization for conversation:

People can now share their touch mode on the “Zoom room” board via the “Zoom chat” feature or email. If the zoom room is a personal meeting room, you can share it with private chat groups, which simplifies the process of sharing content outside of the meeting room.

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