A feature that we do not know anything about in our phones!


Do you want your phone to become more valuable and not like other phones on you by using nfc technology or what is called “near field communication feature” that technology that is found in most modern smartphones and is often not used by many so let’s get to know it more through that report ..

How about nfc technology

NFC is an abbreviation for “Near Field Communication”, which means near-term communication, and it is an electronic chip that is found in modern phones and can be found behind the phone, and its function is great as it helps to communicate directly wirelessly with another phone with the same technology.

As soon as the two devices touch each other in a space of no more than 4 cm, and as soon as the connection occurs, users of the NFC feature can exchange files and documents of any size of those documents without connecting to the Internet.

How to use NFC to transfer files

To use nfc technology on smartphones, all you have to do is activate the “Android Beam” feature and “NFC” (the sender and receiver on each of the two devices to communicate between them).

Now that the transmission and reception features have been activated, you must specify the files to be transferred, and for the operation to succeed, the two devices must be touched from the back and the sender presses on his screen, and about him the files will be sent and the users of the two phones feel that a vibration occurs in both devices and this is a warning of the success of the operation And that the files are on their way to the other phone.

And anyone who uses NFC can send a file size of 1 GB within ten minutes, which saves time wasted when sending a file of this size via Bluetooth that takes hours and in the end the transmission can fail.

What are the uses of the NFC feature?

Once you activate NFC technology on your mobile phone, you will be able to perform all banking transactions and payment. It works like a bank card and the user can store credit card data and exchange it with parties that operate with NFC technology and who accept payment with MasterCard.

In other words, he is the person who carries an NFC-enabled phone when he is interested in purchasing any commodity and he is not ready for that, and he does not have enough money. He just has to close his feature-activated phone with the NFC reader to complete the payment process without the need for a plastic credit card.

Another use of NFC technology is to open doors that have been locked. Many large institutions have a feature of “near term communication” so that only the person permitted to cross those doors can pass without the need for communication, but whoever uses NFC technology can open and close doors without using the reader to open the locked doors. .

For fans of games such as (Amiibo, which belongs to Nintendo, Skylanders game, and all Disney Infinity characters, those games that carry NFC chips that can interact with devices that have the same feature, all you have to do is touch the two phones and get what you need in a modern way.

Do all smart phones have NFC feature?

Of course not, whenever a high-capacity phone is expensive it can contain NFC technology, and before purchasing the phone, you must make sure that the phone carries this feature, and use your phone as a cash wallet, and a remote control tool to open closed doors;

But you have to be careful because NFC technology will make your phone a more valuable thing because you have put all the credit card data inside it, so it did not become like any regular phone, it has become a credit card and a money wallet that holds your payment data that does not need personal intervention to use it.

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