Can you control the computer remotely ?


Your computer isn’t always at home. You may have forgotten the computer at your workplace, so you can use another device to remotely access your desktop and track files, and even track game functions. In this article, we will learn how to control a computer remotely easily.

Remote Desktop

  • The remote desktop program allows you to use another device to access the computer and all its applications over the Internet, and this can be done by broadcasting the Desktop Summary. You can use this technology with a tablet or phone, or over a cellular data network.
  • To use this program, you will need to set up a remote desktop server on the computer you want to connect to.
  • You can use TeamViewer (which is free and easy to use), or you can use Parallels Access (Parallels Access), which is a good option that glows when accessing the desktop from a smartphone or tablet. More improved touch interface.

Access to remote files

  • You can access PC files remotely. Avoid scrolling through remote desktop sessions to allow quick access to files with the built-in file transfer function.
  • When you use TeamViewer to connect to a remote computer, you can select ‘Transfer files’, and you will be able to access all files on your computer’s hard drive or download files from the current device to the remote computer.

Use files in the cloud

  • Microsoft Office users can use OneDrive’s free cloud storage service to save documents to Microsoft, then visit the Office Online website in a web browser to view and edit documents from anywhere.
  • The Office Mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone lets you view and edit Office documents stored in your OneDrive account for free.
  • The Android, iPad, and iPhone apps have file transfer support, so you can download files from your computer to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Public PC users may want to use cloud storage services instead of remote file access solutions.
  • You can put the file on a service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive and it will sync online. Then, you can access it from anywhere via the web browser, the service’s mobile app, or its sync software.

Function to wake up the remote computer

  • The computer supports a feature called “Wake on LAN”. If this feature is enabled on the computer, the computer network interface will hear problematic packets even if the computer is off or in sleep mode. When your computer receives the package, it will open.
  • You can use the Wake-on-LAN feature to operate your computer over the Internet. It also allows you to keep your computer locked unless you access the desktop or its files remotely.
Below is the two methods to do that:

The first method: is to activate TeamViewer when setting up the local network
By forwarding the appropriate port from the home router to the computer running on the local network, then using special software to send the “Wake on LAN” packet to the home IP address.

Method 2: Configure Wake-on-LAN Function on TeamViewer.
You can use special software applications located in the local network. After receiving the signal, it will send a “Wake on LAN” packet to the computers on the local network.
TeamViewer provides this feature. If the computer is running TeamViewer enabled, it can send Wake-on-LAN packets to other computers on the local network.

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